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Single coaching sessions are £60/hour or £80/90minutes.
Discount is offered for 6 x 1hour sessions paid in advance at £300. You will also receive FREE tickets for you and a friend to attend a NLP weekend and a FREE personal profiling report.

Stand Alone Therapy

Sessions are £35 an hour, although I offer flexible rates and discounts for low earning or state benefit clients.


Sessions are paid in advance.
Sessions are payable either by cash, or cheque.
I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Following our initial free session I prefer to work with all my coaching/NLP and therapy clients face to face. I usually meet my coaching clients at a convenient hotel but also work from my office at home. Most appointments are 60 minutes in length, though it is possible to arrange longer sessions as I find that one hour is seldom sufficient time to cover all the topics that come up within a session. My private coaching hours are flexible with evenings and weekends available.

if you would like to arrange your FREE "get to know each other" session or simply want to ask me some questions about coaching, please feel free to call or e-mail me.

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There is something I know about you that you may not even know yourself. You have within you more resources of energy than has ever been tapped, more talent thatn has ever been expoloited, more strength than has ever been tested and more to given than you have ever given - John Gardner
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